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Moutai Prince
Moutai Prince

Moutai Prince

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Made by the sky and earth inheriting the tradition of Moutai 
Same origin and source the style of a king 

Moutai Prince Liquor is the series of products of Moutai. It has the same origin and source as Moutai, and it has inherited the tradition of Moutai. It is yeast sauce liquor made from high-quality broomcorn and wheat brewed on the basis of the technique of Moutai Factory after long-time of storage and careful blending. It has the style of dense sauce, elegance, coordination, purity, long-lasting aftertaste and fragrance left on the empty cup of Moutai. 

Ingredients: high-quality broomcorn, wheat
Degrees: 53% (V/V), 46% (V/V), 39% (V/V) 
Package: paper box, colored box, milk white glass bottle


"Kweichow Moutai" is adopted to be main trademark of Kweichow Moutai Liquor, which has two different logos---Feitian and Five Star. The liquors with those two different logos are totally the same in vinosity 

The logo of Five Star The Main Trademark of "Kweichow Moutai"

The logo of Feitian The Main Trademark of "Kweichow Moutai"

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