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About Us

Company Name

World this wine, "The World" word from the Qin Dynasty historical records, "The World". It is a descent, this indicates that the origin of the Yellow Emperor began, beyond the Spring and Autumn. Record the history of the nobility and distinguished family heritage by. The goal of this wine in the world is collecting wines from various countries and to promote a healthy and diverse wine culture. We look forward to the home of all Chinese and foreign wine Patents selection of wine and related products can lead guests quality of life sweet.



Business philosophy

The world this wine directly from the cooperative winery procurement, avoiding the expensive price and storage of multiple middlemen risk. Gang on the Mall in the World's direct purchase of direct marketing and reduce prices, so you benefit. Also the cost of the wine, the quality and value to the collection consider the standards, to provide consumers with national quality wines and other beautiful and practical products. In addition, the World of this and a number of specialty restaurants and hotel cooperation held regularly friendship tasting. Hope that every customer can taste the wine at the same time, improve the quality of life, to create a better life.


Rents in major cities today, Liejiu even counterfeit products flooding the market, many liquor companies kept the wine improper and so set the wine lovers in the risk, the more choice on the Wine Market Complex, the buyer instead of the more difficult to find to my heart good . Care, the world of this wine to understand the needs of the guests, we are committed to never selling price substandard and industrial wine.

 Media reports
"South China Morning Post" Decanter "

 Management team

Our team has the following information Artworks

French Food Association (Sopexa) Advanced Higher Certificate

Spanish Wine Academy (The Wine Academy of Spain) approved tutor qualifications

A + Australia a certificate

Three Advanced Certificate of Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

Four Diploma of Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

Masters of Wine Di Hanni by Tim Hanni, a new wine the basis of tutor qualifications

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) Wine Storage Management Certificate

Hong Kong Hotels Association certification


Many people think that good wine is very expensive, in fact, only a few hundred dollars reward to the superior class wine, living the single of the wines you can find wine at affordable prices. We hope to let more people enjoy the most is the price of wine to bring happiness.

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